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About Us

We have over three decades of experience providing process equipment, components and spare parts to the Food, Beverage, Personal Care, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries.  This website was designed to help you make the most of your time by allowing you to research and purchase material online when it is convenient for you. We are committed to working with the best brands, we stand behind all we sell and are focused on providing exceptional customer service.

We are continually adding brands, items and capabilities to our store.  Not all process equipment can be purchased online but many of the items used day in and day out can be.  Lighthouse Process offers corporate accounts allowing you and your team to be more efficient by tracking all purchases, setting up favorites and using purchase orders.  

Our sales team is available to assist you with any process needs you have.  We are passionate about process, sharing knowledge and using technology to work smarter not harder.   Although we have an online store we are still a distributor in the traditional sense and anything you need we can get for you.  You can reach our sales team via email, text or phone.  Thank you for checking us out, we look forward to working with you!.