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Waukesha Cherry-Burrell®
An SPX® Flow Brand

Part of the expansive SPX FLOW collection of world-class process technology brands, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell® focuses heavily on the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care and industrial processing sectors. They engineer and manufacture positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, sanitary valves, dispersion equipment, and the legendary Votator® scraped surface heat exchanger product lines.

An SPX® Flow Brand

APV, an established centennial engineering legacy, is an important part of the SPX FLOW brand, integrated over a decade ago. Addressing the food/beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, APV offers highly effective turnkey automation and process engineering solutions.


Steel & O'Brien

Steel & O’Brien is a domestic manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel fittings for the food processing, pharmaceutical and various other industries. Founded in 1990, Steel &O’Brien is family owned and operated specializing in quick turn around, standard and custom machined/fabricated fittings & assemblies with very competitive pricing.


NOSHOK - providing innovative solutions, unparalleled customer support, outstanding value. Specialized, highly accurate pressure, level and temperature measurement for process piping, filters and tanks in the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Standard Pump

Standard Pump, Inc. began manufacturing Drum Pumps in 1992 in Snellville, Georgia.Over the next twenty-five years, they have expanded the product line to include Air-Operated Double Diaphragm pumps (AODD) as well as Metering Systems. Their Fluid Handling Equipment serves the Chemical, Food, Beverage, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries in fifty-two countries.

Scott Turbon® Mixer

Scott Turbon® Mixer has been an industry leader, manufacturing stainless steel high shear mixers and complete turnkey mixing systems for over 35 years. They have an extensive background in mixing and process design and can help engineer efficient solutions for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical markets.

Newman Sanitary Gasket Company

Newman Sanitary Gasket Company is a leading manufacturer of high quality gaskets, O-Rings and Diaphragms. They are a family owned business and work hard to keep customers and employees happy while providing exceptional products used in Food, Beverage, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical manufacturing.


For nearly three decades, Thermaline has manufactured innovative heat transfer solutions made in the USA and distributed worldwide. Regular cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers. You can shop our store for Thermaline parts or contact us for other trusted brands not currently available online.