Single Seat Valves quick ship

Single Seat Valves quick ship

Lighthouse Process Corp. is rolling out new items from Waukesha Cherry-Burrell an SPX Flow brand. SPX Flow is a leader in Sanitary Process Equipment and synonymous with quality and durability. We are now offering W60 single seat shut off and divert valves that will ship 11 working days after you place your order.

These valves are made in Delevan, WI. The Lighthouse Process team visited the plant in September and saw first hand how these valves are made. There we saw a team of dedicated employees that genuinely care about customers. They make the valve bodies from solid bar, all of the machining and assembly is done onsite. Impressive plant, people and product!

The single seat valves available for the quick ship are used to shut off (W61) or divert (W62) flow in a process system. Thest valves provide both a flexible and reliable solution. Robust construction, easy to clean and maintain the Waukesha single seat valve will be your go to valve. 

Buy the W61 C-Body here!

Buy the W61 T-Body here!

Buy the W62 TT-Body here!

For other valve body configurations, materials, control tops or actuators contact us at

Here are a few of the other body configurations available:

W63 – Reverse Shut Off

W64 – Tank Outlet

W64R – Reverse Tank Outlet

W65 – Non-Slamming Divert

W68 – Throttling

W68R – R Shut Off

16th Oct 2019 DT

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