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TC 316L SS, EPDM w/ Multiple Position Manual Handle

The APV DELTA butterfly valves from SPX FLOW are stop valves which can be actuated either manually or pneumatically (this valve is manual - but be easily converted in the field contact us for actuator/mounting information ). The valves are very robust and reliable.  The space saving design makes them ideal for nearly all applications - a flexible valve which is very easy to install and to service.


  • Product passages are smooth and the special seals ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Unique metallic stop prevents the valve flanges from being tightened too much and protects the valve seal from mechanical overstress thus improving seal lifetime.
  • One actuator covers all diameters from 1” (25 mm) - 4” (100 mm). (valve is manual for actuated contact us - actuated valves should be added soon!)
  • Slide bearings on the pivots of the discs increase operating reliability.
  • Visual indication of open/closed position.
  • SVS1F intermediate flange design allows simple removal and easy access of valves that are in lengthy or fixed pipelines.
  • Designs with electro-pneumatic control (flow control) with Bürkert positioner (for use on actuated valves)
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